Battery Elixir for 12V System

Battery Elixir for 12V System

BATTERY ELIXIR To do the High quality lead acid battery and have a long lifetime. Why do lead acid batteries prematurely degenerate? Sulfation forms over the battery electrode plates. Sulfation is crystallized lead sulfate (PbSo4), a non-conductive material, therefore the electrode plates develop a high resistance and the optimum chemical reaction cannot be achieved. How can a battery be REVIVED? New electrode plates are made of pure spongy lead. These plates have a large surface area where the chemical reaction can effectively take place, but as the sulfate builds of the plate surface that effectiveness is reduced. The FURUTECH BATTERY ELIXIR using the patented “ERUMA system” technology melts down the sulfation that builds up on the electrode surface. During charging “Pb” returns to the electrode surface and “So4” (sulfation) is melted down into the battery liquid, thus reviving batteries and extending their life.

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